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Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Accounting-Services-in-GermanyOpening a business in Germany

Germany is the most developed country in Europe and one of the most developed in the world which is why it attracts numerous foreign investors on a yearly basis. Due to its legislation for foreign investments, foreign businessmen are finding it easy set up companies in Germany. Accounting is one of the key-point when conducting in business which is why investors usually seek the help of professionals when registering for taxation purposes. Our accountants in Germany provide a wide range of accounting services beginning with registration for taxation purposes to complex audit services.

Together with our accounting team, our experts in company formation in Germany will provide you complete services for your business.

What are the available accounting services for clients in Germany?

Our accounting staff in Germany offer specialized bookkeeping services for both local and foreign investors setting up their first business in the country. After incorporating a German company an enterpriser will also be required to register the business for taxation and social security purposes. In order to speed up the process our German accounting staff can conduct these procedures on their behalf, thus enabling them to dedicate time to other business matters. Once the set up procedure is completed, our accountants will guide clients through the German taxation system by explaining them all the tax advantages they can benefit from. Preparing the annual balance sheets is a very important step when conducting business activities in Germany which is why our accountants will provide assistance in drafting the annual accounting sheets and other relevant documents.

Audit and tax minimization services in Germany

Companies will also require to file audited accounts with the tax authorities in Germany, which is why our accounting team provides a wide range of audit services. Moreover, our accountants in Germany provide audit services tailored to our customers’ needs. On request, our accounting team will also provide tax minimization solutions to companies in Germany.

Whether you want to set up a new company in Germany or register a branch office or subsidiary and need assistance you can contact our German specialists in company formation for details about the available accounting and legal services.


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Marco Rössel is a Partner at Liesegang & Partner and an experienced Attorney at Law. He is specialized in commercial and corporate law and can help you open your company in Germany as fast as possible.


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