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Special Investment Aid for Video Game Developers in Germany


A special investment aid for video game developers may become available in Berlin. the support for this business field would be offered in the form of tax credits and grants and developers in other related industries could also benefit from it. Video game developers in countries like the United States and Canada are already benefiting from his type of state aid and this measure could encourage entrepreneurs to open a company in Germany.

Investment Opportunities in Chemical Parks in Germany


Chemical parks in Germany offer a wide range of business opportunities for foreign investors who choose to invest here. From waste management solutions to preferential rates for customs and tariffs to a well-developed infrastructure, these parks are designed to provide for the needs of companies engaged in the production and the supply of basic and specialty chemicals. Investors can open a German company in this business field by following a few key steps.

German Business Confidence at its Highest Level


The confidence of the business medium in Germany has reached a peak in autumn this year surpassing by far the expectations of the analysts. These data say a lot about the business climate in this country and represent an indicator of imminent progress for the German economy. Surveys have been made on over 7000 companies of the German state who do business in a variety of domains. Our experts in company formation in Germany can tell you what are the most successful industries in Germany, in case you want to invest in this country.

Growth of German exports in 2017


In 2017 the German exports have outreached the imports, confirming the fact that the German economy continues its healthy growth. At the middle of the year, the figures where indicating a growth of 3.1 percent, compared to the previous months. The statistics are also very bright for the last part of this year, and 2018 is expected to start with a balanced situation in the import-export system. Our consultants in company formation in Germany can give to foreign investors more details on the German regulations concerning exportation as well as on the provisions relating to customs and transportation in this country. 

Strong Business Climate Index for Germany at the Beginning of 2017

Recently the CESifo Group, consisting of the Center for Economic Studies (CES), the ifo Institute and the CESifo GmbH (Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research), has published the business climate index which proves that 2017 is an economic year which starts in force. This means now it is an opportune moment to open your company in Germany. According to a survey conducted on 7000 firms, the index rose from 111.1 in February to 112.3 in March. 


Finding an Office for Your Company in Germany

An important aspect when opening a company in Germany refers to the identification of a proper office in which the investors and the company’s personnel can carry out their specific activities. In order to find an office in Germany, the businessmen will have to take into consideration the business field in which the company operates, the value of the rents or the size of the office. At the same time, foreign businessmen can also purchase a property here. Our team of company formation specialists in Germany can assist foreign business on this procedure. 

When to Close a Business in Germany

Although a business may start as a successful idea, throughout the time, due to a large number of reasons, the company may suffer different financial issues which may determine the investors to close it down. Investors can shut down a business in Germany when they consider that this action is needed, but it is important to know that they can also opt to sell the business. Investors can also close the company due to other reasons, for example, the lack of wish to further activate in that particular business field. Our team of company formation representatives in Germany can offer assistance to those who want more details on the legal procedure. 

5 Small Business Ideas in Germany


A great location very favourable for the business environment is Germany, one of the top economies of the European Union (EU). Natural persons or small investors who want to relocate here in order to open a German company can choose from numerous business fields, suitable for a small companies. According to the country of residence, investors may need to obtain a work permit or a business permit in order to start a business here. Our team of company formation representatives in Germany can offer assistance on how to start a small business. At the same time, our specialists can provide assistance for various aspects referring to the incorporation procedure. 

Cost of Living in Germany


Foreign businessmen who are interested to open a German company in one of the Germany’s main cities should become familiar with the general costs of living, if they are considering to relocate here for a limited or unlimited period of time. Germany is one of the most attractive business locations available in the European Union (EU), as the country is one of the strongest economies of the Community. The cost of living in Germany is similar with the one available in other developed countries in the EU and our team of company formation specialists in Germany can offer assistance in choosing a location suitable to the needs of the investors. 

7 Tips for Growing a Business in Germany


Every businessman interested in opening a company will want to grow that business as fast as possible. Although no one can guarantee the success of a business, there are numerous methods which, if applied correctly, can increase the value of company. Our team of German company formation specialists can provide assistance on the main ways in which a business can be developed in Germany, according to the field of activity and with the current market position of the company. 

German Investment Funds Industry Is Thriving


The investment funds sector is currently one of the most attractive branches of the financial industry in GermanyInvestment funds have attracted over 11 billion euros during the summer months in 2015. You can find out from our consultants in company registration in Germany what the most important investment funds are at the moment.

Germany to Negotiate New DTA with Australia


After concluding their double taxation agreement many years back, Germany and Australia have decided to renew and update their convention according to the most recent international standards. One of the main purposes of the new agreement will be to provide enhanced economic cooperation between the two countries. For information related to the actual double tax treaty with Australia you can refer to our specialists in company registration in Germany.

Germany and Switzerland Conclude Cross-Banking Deal


Germany and Switzerland have concluded an agreement on the provision of cross-border banking services. The agreement is meant to strengthen economic relations between the two countries and will allow Swiss banks to benefit from simplified authorization procedures with the German Financial Supervisory Authority. Our German specialists in company registration can offer you all the necessary information about the requirements to set up a financial institution.

Germany Signs Agreement on the Exchange of Tax Information with the Netherlands


Germany and the Netherlands have signed an agreement that provisions the exchange of information related to advance pricing agreements and tax rulings. The agreement is meant to lead to better cooperation on taxation matters between Germany and the Netherlands. For other information about tax agreements with the Netherlands you may refer to our specialists in Germany.