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Cost of Living in Germany

Written by: Bridgewest

Cost-of-Living-in-Germany.jpgForeign businessmen who are interested to open a German company in one of the Germany’s main cities should become familiar with the general costs of living, if they are considering to relocate here for a limited or unlimited period of time. Germany is one of the most attractive business locations available in the European Union (EU), as the country is one of the strongest economies of the Community. The cost of living in Germany is similar with the one available in other developed countries in the EU and our team of company formation specialists in Germany can offer assistance in choosing a location suitable to the needs of the investors. 


The cost of living in German cities  

Businessmen interested in company registration in Germany can start this procedure after studying the general cost of living in the German cities. It is important to know that the cost of living differs greatly amongst the main cities in Germany
Some of the least expensive cities in Germany are: 
Some of the most expensive cities to live in are the following: 
Frankfurt am Main;

The cost of accommodaion in Germany  

When investing in a new business in Germany, businessmen can choose to buy a property or to rent an apartment, which can be used as the main business location for their company. As a general rule, the property market is strongly represented by renters and it is important to know that most of the accommodation units available in Germany are fully or partially furnished.
However, such apartments can cost more than other available options. Renting prices can vary depending on the city, region, utilities and surface and foreigners can rent an apartment for prices ranging for approximately EUR 400 to more than EUR 1,000. In this case, it is advisable to receive assistance from our team of company formation agents when opening a company in Germany, as our representatives can help establish an overall budget for this procedure. 
The prices for utilities, which refer to electricity, heating and water, vary between EUR 140 and EUR 300, while the cost of internet services (calculated on a monthly basis) range between EUR 20 and EUR 30. 
Businessmen who want to receive more details on the costs of living in Germany can address to our team of company incorporation consultants.