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Company Formation Germany



5 Small Business Ideas in Germany

Written by: Bridgewest

5-Small-Business-Ideas-in-Germany.pngA great location very favourable for the business environment is Germany, one of the top economies of the European Union (EU). Natural persons or small investors who want to relocate here in order to open a German company can choose from numerous business fields, suitable for a small companies. According to the country of residence, investors may need to obtain a work permit or a business permit in order to start a business here. Our team of company formation representatives in Germany can offer assistance on how to start a small business. At the same time, our specialists can provide assistance for various aspects referring to the incorporation procedure

1. Small manufacturing company in Germany 

Germany represents a top manufacturing economy, its products being known throughout the world for their high quality level. Manufacturing in Germany is a relevant economy, as it accounts for 21% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 


2. IT services company in Germany 

The IT industry is, at the moment, one of the most profitable fields at a worldwide level, as most of the businesses need internet services and technological developments in order to perform business activities. For example, most of the companies need to be represented in the online environment through a website, in order to sell their products or services. In order to open a website in Germany, the businessman will have to follow a set of simple procedures and our team of company formation agents in Germany can offer assistance in this process.  


3. German pet shop 

Those who are interested in company formation in Germany can also set up a German pet shop, which is a very popular business here, due to the fact that Germans take good care of their pets

4. Beauty salon in Germany 

Another successful business in Germany is the beauty salon. Persons who have a degree in hairdressing and related activities can run a business in this field. Investors can register as a sole trader or as a limited liability company, which is the most popular legal entity chosen for incorporation in Germany


5. German automotive  business 

Germany is known at a worldwide level for its car production. At the level of 2015, the car production industry, the largest industrial sector in Germany, had a total turnover of EUR 404 billion. 
We invite businessmen to contact our company incorporation consultants in Germany for more details referring to small business ideas which can be implemented on the German market


  • Roger 2016-10-03

    I think the pet shop business is not only profitable, but also a nice business environment, so to say. Very interesting article!

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