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Finding an Office for Your Company in Germany

Written by: Bridgewest

Finding-an-Office-for-your-Company-in-Germany.jpgAn important aspect when opening a company in Germany refers to the identification of a proper office in which the investors and the company’s personnel can carry out their specific activities. In order to find an office in Germany, the businessmen will have to take into consideration the business field in which the company operates, the value of the rents or the size of the office. At the same time, foreign businessmen can also purchase a property here. Our team of company formation specialists in Germany can assist foreign business on this procedure. 

Renting an office in Germany  

A businessman can rent an office in Germany. There are many options in this sense and their prices range in accordance with the region in which the building is situated, its size and its facilities. 
Foreign investors who are interested in company registration in Germany can decide to open an office for a German company in one of the main cities in this country, such as Berlin, Hamburg or Dortmund
Prices in Berlin, for example, range in accordance with the area of the city where the office is located. In this sense, we mention that the prices can range from EUR 19,5 to EUR 23,5 per square meter. 
The prices available for other main cities in Germany are as follows: 
Berlin – the cost per square meter is ranging between EUR 15,1 to EUR 24,3;
Frankfurt - the cost per square meter is ranging between EUR 18 to EUR 38,5;
Hamburg – the rent varies between EUR 14,5 to EUR 25;
Munich - the rent varies between EUR 16,33 to EUR 33,3.
Our team of company formation agents in Germany can offer legal assistance on the company registration procedures applicable here. 

Purchasing a commercial property in Germany  

In the situation in which foreign investors can afford to make a solid investment when opening a German company, they can purchase a property. In doing so, it is highly recommended to perform due diligence procedures on the respective property, to identity possible flaws or irregularities related to any legal aspect. 
Foreign businessmen do not have any restrictions in purchasing a property here, but it is necessary to know that the procedure incurs several taxes, such as the registration fees or the notary fees
Businessmen interested in finding out more details on how to find a suitable office for a German company are invited to contact our team of company formation consultants in Germany