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German Business Confidence at its Highest Level

Written by: Editor


The confidence of the business medium in Germany has reached a peak in autumn this year surpassing by far the expectations of the analysts. These data say a lot about the business climate in this country and represent an indicator of imminent progress for the German economy. Surveys have been made on over 7000 companies of the German state who do business in a variety of domains. Our experts in company registration in Germany can tell you what are the most successful industries in Germany, in case you want to invest in this country.

German business confidence along the year

After a small variation at the beginning of 2017, from April on, the level of confidence of both consumers and companies started to grow at a fast rate. From 9.8 GfK – (consumer climate indicator) registered in April, the level of consumer confidence reached a 10.9 in October and remained around this value till the end of the year. 
At the same time the index of the German business climate, calculated by the Ifo institute of Munich (Institute of Economic Research) recorded a maximum of 117.5 in November, making analysts to affirm that the German economy remains one of the most promising in Europe. Our specialists in company formation in Germany can help you start a company in this country by explaining to you the main aspects of the commercial law, allowing you to profit of the favorable conditions provided by the German economy. 

Why is the business confidence in Germany important for entrepreneurs?

The Business confidence indexes are economic indicators which express the expectations of managers regarding the progress of the companies that they lead. The confidence of the managers is based on how smooth the sales and transactions go so the BCI provides an important perspective on the economic climate in a particular country. The sentiment of manufacturers in Germany as well as that of the wholesalers grew with 2%. Indicating that this is one of the most favorable times to open a company in Germany.
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