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Growth of German exports in 2017

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In 2017 the German exports have outreached the imports, confirming the fact that the German economy continues its healthy growth. At the middle of the year, the figures where indicating a growth of 3.1 percent, compared to the previous months. The statistics are also very bright for the last part of this year, and 2018 is expected to start with a balanced situation in the import-export system. Our consultants in company formation in Germany can give to foreign investors more details on the German regulations concerning exportation as well as on the provisions relating to customs and transportation in this country. 

Facts concerning exportation in Germany

The official statistics showed that this summer, the German exports reached 103.1 billion euros per month, which is with 20 million euros more than the imports registered at the same period of the year. Compared to the previous year, this summer is with 7.2 ahead in terms of German exports, fact which contributes at considering Germany one of the strongest exporters in Europe
Even if there were some variations between the first three quarters of 2017 in terms of exportation, the annual economic growth in Germany remains positive all along the year. The new GDP for this year, released by the German government, reflects the efficiency of the export sector in Germany in 2017.
Our consultants in company formation in Germany are ready to provide to you a detailed picture of the trade regulations in this country, so that you can easily set up a business in the trading sector.

The impact of the exportation growth in Germany

This intense import-export activity between Germany and other states determine more and more investors to start a business in this country. The trade connections with the entire world make of Germany a place very much preferred by entrepreneurs to produce and sell merchandise, within as well as outside the borders of this state. 
Our specialists in company registration in Germany can assist investors with the set-up of a business in this country. Feel free to contact our firm in order to benefit from their training and experience in the field of company formation in Germany.