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Special Investment Aid for Video Game Developers in Germany

Written by: Editor

special investment aid for video game developers may become available in Berlin. the support for this business field would be offered in the form of tax credits and grants and developers in other related industries could also benefit from it. Video game developers in countries like the United States and Canada are already benefiting from his type of state aid and this measure could encourage entrepreneurs to open a company in Germany.

New strength for German video game development studios

Compared to their counterparts in the US and even in Canada, German companies in the video development field are seen as struggling. This was an important reason why video game industry associations have lobbied for years to receive the type of state aid available in this field in other countries. The aid that has been developed for these types of companies will target both small and large game studios, in an effort to support the entire industry.
The German video games sector is producing important revenue, with the numbers showing that it is more productive than the music industry. in 2017, it recorded approximately 2.1 billion euros in revenue while artists in the music industry produces some 1.6 billion euros in revenue. This is why many specialists in this field believe that domestic production should be encouraged to grow: right now, the domestic share in this field only owns 5.4 percent of the market share.

The future of the German video game industry

The video game sector in Germany is successful but lack sufficient market representation. A number of companies have launched internationally, however, they are just a handful compared to the US or French companies.
Company formation in Germany in this business sector is not subject to special conditions, for example, foreign investors in Germany have the same business rights and could open a company in Germany that focuses on developing mobile and video games. Investors who open a software company in Germany could explore the opportunities in fields like 3D simulation and virtual reality, all presenting important applications in the gaming industry.
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