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Strong Business Climate Index for Germany at the Beginning of 2017

Written by: Editor

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Recently the CESifo Group, consisting of the Center for Economic Studies (CES), the ifo Institute and the CESifo GmbH (Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research), has published the business climate index which proves that 2017 is an economic year which starts in force. This means now it is an opportune moment to open your company in Germany. According to a survey conducted on 7000 firms, the index rose from 111.1 in February to 112.3 in March. 


Demand for German products on world wide markets 

Global demands explain the growth in several sectors of the German economy. One of the causes which can explain this bright financial situation is the constant demand for German cars and technology from around the world. For a foreign investor in Germany this is definitely the right time to open a company in this country.
Another index released in March (the Markit's Purchasing Managers' Index) indicates as well a significant improvement in the private sector from the past 6 years. A key reason for it might be as well the constant demand of goods from China, Britain, the United States, and the Middle East.
Many managers’ evaluations of the firms operating in construction, retailing and manufacturing show that from 2011, this moment can be seen as a peak of their activity, after a continuous growth in the past years.
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German economy in the global political context

The important political changes that took place recently in Europe as well as in America do not seem to influence the growth of the German economy. Several economic research groups have revised their initial growth prospects from 1.3 % to 1.8 percent after the publication of the new index in March. 
Imports in the industrial sector are also rising along with a steady increase of the export segment. 
The gross domestic product from 2016 is definitely the highest in 5 years at the rate of 1.9 %, and it gives confidence to investors that Germany continues this year its economic growth
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