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Establish a Recruitment Company in Germany

Updated on Monday 20th March 2023

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Establish-a-Recruitment-Company-in-Germany.jpgIn order to establish a recruitment company in Germany is compulsory to comply with certain legal requirements. As a general rule, a recruitment agency set up in Germany follows the regular incorporation process designated for any type of business. It is also important to establish what kind of recruitment activities the company will perform and our team of German company formation specialists can provide more details, by helping foreign investors set out a business plan in this sense. 

Register a recruitment agency in Germany

Companies in Germany are registered in accordance with a specific process, which starts with the proposal of a trading name, an action which can be performed at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Further on, the investors are required to notarize the main statutory documents of the company, which are the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association, at a public notary in Germany.  The documents should be further submitted at the Commercial Register through the on-line platform of the institution. 
Foreign investors who want to open a business in Germany can find out relevant information on the companies with activities on the German territory by accessing the data-base available at the above mentioned body. 
Both foreign and local companies are required to register with the relevant authorities and obtain certain business licenses, in accordance with their field of activity; our team of German company formation agents can provide more details on this matter.  If you meet the legal requirements, starting a company in Germany becomes quite easy. Generally speaking, it takes a few weeks, about 4 or 5, to have the business up and running. Contact us at any time to discuss your needs and how we can help you establish any type of company here. You can also rely on us for accounting services.

Services offered by recruitment agencies in Germany 

A German recruitment company will provide professional recruitment services, available to both legal entities and natural persons. The agency will represent the interests of the companies which have job openings, by seeking out the best candidate who will meet the relevant criteria. 
Recruitment agencies can promote the job announcements of the employers through relevant communication means (newspapers and online environment); at the same time, the agency can select persons through recruiting and headhunting activities, which usually mean that the recruiter will present the employer the best CVs for the position. As such, the employer can make an informed decision, by choosing himself a certain person. 
Recruitment agencies can also select employees who are not German residents; if so, the company will act as an intermediary between the foreign citizen and the German employer, by accommodating the needs of the foreigner relocating in Germany
If you need further information on the recruitment agencies established in Germany, please contact our team of German company formation consultants, who can offer guidance related to this matter. 

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