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Guide for Obtaining Citizenship in Germany

Updated on Thursday 23rd March 2023

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Guide-for-Obtaining-Citizenship-in-GermanyWays of obtaining citizenship in Germany

Foreign citizens must renounce their old citizenship if applying for German citizenship according to the national legislation, exceptions apply to EU and Swiss citizens. However, children of German citizens with foreign ones will be automatically granted a German citizenship. Once the citizenship obtained, the individual will also be allowed to apply for a German passport. Other ways of obtaining a German citizenship is by living in the country for at least eight years. Also, children of foreign citizens living in Germany for at least eight years will automatically receive a German citizenship.

Our specialists in Germany can guide you through the citizenship application procedure and help you in the process of starting a company in Germany.

Conditions for obtaining a German passport

Most foreign citizens apply for German citizenship after living and working in the country for eight years. The first step towards obtaining a German passport is to apply for a residence or a work permit. However, in order to obtain German citizenship there are a few other requirements one must fulfill:

  • -          a stable income that guarantees self-sufficiency without appealing to social benefits,
  • -          knowledge of the German language,
  • -          to take an oath on the German Constitution.

In the case of foreign citizens married to German ones, citizenship may be obtained before within two years from the marriage date and three years of living in the country.

Naturalization as a means of obtaining German citizenship in 2023

One of the ways of obtaining citizenship in Germany in 2023 is naturalization. In order to be naturalized a foreign citizen must fulfill the following conditions:

  • -          must have been living or working in Germany for at least eight years,
  • -          must have a legal representative,
  • -          must have a German residence permit,
  • -          knows the German legal system,
  • -          has a clean criminal record.

Foreign citizens who have completed an integration course will be granted German citizenship after seven years. When receiving German citizenship an individual will also receive a citizenship certificate and will be allowed to apply for a German passport.

The simplest way of obtaining German citizenship in 2023

Germany is one of the most appealing countries in Europe, which is why it has a great number of expats who relocated here for work reasons. This is why at the level of 2023, obtaining citizenship in Germany through employment is one of the easiest ways for non-EU citizens.

Citizens of EU states who want to move to Germany in 2023 with the purpose of applying for citizenship do not need to apply for visas, however, they must wait the necessary time before applying for the German passport.

Another way of obtaining German citizenship is through the entrepreneur visa which requires an investment of 360,000 euros at the level of 2023. More information on this program can be offered by our company formation agents in Germany.

The German government made a number of modifications to its immigration policies from January 1, 2023. These modifications include the spouses of foreign nationals who possess national visas or work permits and who are exempt from the requirement that they speak German. With a tailored approach, we also are available to you if you're interested in obtaining permanent residency in Germany. Before you reach the country, our immigration consultants can assist you by making the appropriate arrangements to move here as soon as feasible. If you have never resided in another EU country, you should first think about applying for a visa. You can get help from us at any moment!

For complete information about obtaining citizenship and opening a business in Germany, please contact our local consultants in company incorporation matters.


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