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Initial Coin Offering in Germany

Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018

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Initial Coin Offerings, which are also known as ICOs, are an easy way through which a new cryptocurrency venture can raise funds in order to appear on the market. In Germany ICO is a very popular form to finance a start-up. ICO’s from Germany benefit from a high level of trust on the international market, thanks to the innovative and responsible initiatives which originated in this country. One of our company formation experts in Germany can give you more details concerning the opportunities and legal framework related to the initial coin offering in Germany.

How to set up an ICO in Germany

ICOs are employed by cryptocurrency firms which are set up in Germany, for fundraising purposes. It is important the firm issues a plan and statement regarding the purpose and ideas on which the company will function. Afterwards, an ICO campaign can start in which investors buy virtual tokens in the firm. 
In order to be able to perform all the processes related to ICO and virtual currency, you will need first to register your firm in Germany. Our consultants in company registration in Germany can help you elaborate an application file with all the documents required by the authorities. 

Why set up an initial coin offering in Germany?

One of the reasons for which so many investors find Germany as the right place to launch ICOs is that the legislation gives a lot of free space to cryptocurrency initiatives. Apart from the Asset Investment Act, which could imply several requirements regarding the public offering of tokens, the initial coin offerings in Germany do not yet fall under a specific German act. 
Germany is moreover a very stable economy and this represents another encouragement factor for the entrepreneurs who intend to use the initial coin offering in Germany. This country is also very well known in the business environment for the efficient implementation of the latest innovations in the field of cryptocurrency. 
Feel free to contact our consultants in company formation in Germany in order to simplify the registration of your business and speed up your ICO in this country.

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