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Invest in German Healthcare Industry

Updated on Monday 20th February 2023

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Invest-in-German-healthcare-industryThe German healthcare system

The healthcare system in Germany is based on governmental and private funding. The public healthcare system relies on governmental subsidies and deductions from employees and employers contributions. The private healthcare sector relies on insurances. The Government’s expenditure on the healthcare system raises to approximately 125 of the Gross Domestic Product, which makes the healthcare industry one of the most developed sectors in Germany. Also, as one of Europe’s largest country by population, this country offers a great potential to foreign investors seeking to open a business in Germany in the healthcare market.

The best branches to invest in German healthcare

Germany hosts some of the largest companies producing medical equipment and enterprises producing pharmaceutical products in the world and the moment. This development of the healthcare industry is based on the cutting-edge technology used by these companies that are now thriving. The most developed branches of the German healthcare sector at the moment are:

  • -          digital health,
  • -          telemedicine,
  • -          medical technology,
  • -          medical biotechnology,
  • -          life sciences,
  • -          the pharmaceutical industry.

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Why invest in the healthcare industry in Germany?

One of the main reasons foreign investors open companies in the healthcare sector in Germany is the support they receive from the Government. The companies operating research and development (R&D) sector in the healthcare industry benefit from numerous programs developed by the Government. Also, Germany is the second country after the United States to have the strongest biomedical markets in the world. With some of the largest biotech companies operating here, a state-of-art research infrastructure and famous scientist working here, Germany has become on international medical biotechnology network.

Germany is also home to some of the largest biotech clusters in Europe which provide immense development possibilities to recently registered companies.

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