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Open a Bar in Germany

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Although the German market is already abundant in bars and restaurants, with a competent legal guidance and organized business plan, foreign investors still have many opportunities to set up a bar in this country. Germany has gained international recognition for its high quality beer brands so any foreigner who intends to open a bar in this country should be informed on the preferences and specific demands of the local customers. Our specialists in setting up companies in Germany can provide you with all the details you need on the registration of a bar in this country so that you can save your time for other organizational aspects of your business. 

Legal background for starting a bar in Germany

One of the most important aspects when you decide to open a bar in Germany is to get informed on the relevant legislation. As such you might be interested in the provisions concerning the obtaining of the liquor license as well as on those acts which refer to the working hours of your employees. Setting up a company in Germany in this sector can be a complicated process, especially for foreign investors, but one of our specialists can give you all the details about the company registration procedure and the licensing requirements so that you can start your business as fast as possible.
If you intend to run a bar in Germany you have to apply for the obtaining of a Liquor license (Gaststättenkonzession)  which allows you to serve alcoholic drinks within the premises. At the same time, in order to avoid costly fines, you must inform your employees on the provisions contained in the Protection of Young Persons Act (Jugendschutzgesetz) which specifies which alcoholic drinks can be sold to young customers. For the good functioning of a bar you can rely on the legal advice provided by our specialists in company registration in Germany.

Key issues for the opening of a bar in Germany

Not all foreign investors in Germany are used to the specific procedure of registration which is required by the local authorities when a new bar business is established. We recommend you to rely on the advice and help provided by our experts in company formation in Germany who can elaborate for you the application file required by the German Company Register (Handelsregister). They can as well open for you a bank account in which you can submit the initial capital of your business. 
You need as well to allocate a lot of attention and funds to a good advertisement for your bar enterprise as well as for the choice of a good location. A relevant name for your bar might help you to win the battle with the competition, and establish you on the bar market in this country. The highly trained workforce in Germany may help you offer to your bar a personalized interior design in order to attract more customers. 
Please feel free to contact our team of consultants who are experts in setting up companies in Germany in order to profit from their knowledge of the German legislation. They can help you as well with the registration procedure so that your bar business in Germany can start functioning as soon as possible. 

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