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Open a Beverage Company in Germany

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Open a Beverage Company in Germany

With a beverage industry that generates a production value of EUR 150 billion each year, Germany is one of the European leaders of this sector. Not only the informed and conscious population of this country has contributed to attaining a high quality of the products but also the international trade which raises each year to more than 50 billion in sales.

If you intend to open a beverage company in Germany you will find a competitive market but also a favorable infrastructure and business opportunities. Our experts in company registration in Germany are available to the requests of foreign investors in view of starting a beverage business in this country. 

How to set up a beverage company in Germany

The typical procedure of company formation in Germany applies as well to the setting up of a beverage company in this country. An investor must make a name reservation, after he/she has configured and designed the identity of the company (brand, mission, values etc).
Next step refers to the registration of the enterprise with the German authorities through an application filled with the local Trade Register. By this procedure an investor can choose what legal structure is going to accommodate the company. A Limited Liability Company or GmbH is one of the most popular options when setting up a company in Germany. The German Commercial Code allows as well many ofther legal forms such as OHG- German General Partnership or KG - German Limited Partnership.
Our specialists in company registration in Germany can help you elaborate the application files for your beverage company in this country and to speed up the start of your commercial activity. 

Specific legislation regarding beverage companies in Germany

In Germany a beverage producer or retail distributor will not be required to obtain any specific license. However there are certain legal requirements which need to be in the attention of the investor who wants to set up a beverage company in Germany. The Health Act or the Food Act contains certain provisions which although do not regard directly the problem of specific drinks or liquor, affect nevertheless the production and sale of beverage in Germany.

Regarding the producing of raw alcohol, investors should be aware of the existence of the Federal Monopoly Administration of Spirits (Bundesmonopolverwaltung  für  Branntwein/  BmonV), which functions on the legal base provided by the Law on the Spirits Monopoly (BranntwMonG). Moreover in Germany the Federal Food and Agriculture Agency (Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung) supervises the production and sale of wine and alcoholic beverages according to the European regulations.

Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants in company formation in Germany for complete information regarding the relevant legislation which regulates beverage enterprises in this country. 

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