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Open a Blockchain Company in Germany

Updated on Monday 06th June 2022

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Open-a-Blockchain-Company-in-GermanyBlockchain is currently widely used in Germany, as various sector-regulators have been working on supporting businesses in the fintech sector. Furthermore, the government has even created industry-related incentives in order to show its approval of the development on technology-based companies.
If you decide to open a blockchain company in Germany, you will have plenty of ideas to choose from, and our company formation specialists will be there to help you. Feel free to address our agents for complete support in launching a blockchain startup.

The German blockchain development strategy

In 2019, the German government decided to start working on a legal framework that enabled the creation of programs meant to support the development of a blockchain strategy. As a matter of fact, at the moment, Berlin is one of the most important hubs for blockchain startups in Germany and Europe.
The government’s strategy focuses on the following key aspects:
  • - an ongoing promotion of the sector;
  • - support and funding from the government;
  • - attracting investments from various types of investors.
Furthermore, blockchain is expected to be widely used in the financial sector in which it is expected to make a difference in the services such a technology can offer. The government also plan on liberalizing the legislation so that electronic securities will be easy to use in the near future. One of the best examples refers to regulating ICOs (initial coin offerings), cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and even cryptocurrency depositories which require authorization from the Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).  
Blockchain startups in Germany are also a great idea for young entrepreneurs who have groundbreaking ideas and want to put them to use.
If you want to open a company in Germany and are interested in a blockchain startup, our local consultants can help you register your business.

Ideas for blockchain startups in Germany

The most attractive fact about launching a blockchain company is that it can operate in various sectors that rely on high-tech.
Here are some useful ideas for blockchain startups in Germany:
  1. e-trading platforms specializing in cryptocurrency has become a common business concept. It works the same as a stock exchange through which digital currencies are sold.
  2. digital wallets are also easy to implement in order to to provide services related to the use and storage of virtual coins they. This business model relies on cryptocurrency wallet software, which is used to pay and complete various transactions with digital money.
  3. e-token ATMs are currently operating in various countries, which is why it is concept that can be easily imported into Germany. These are machines that work just as usual ATMs and through which people can purchase cryptocurrencies.
Apart from these, which are quite common nowadays, blockchain can be used for storing information on digital ledgers in the safest manner possible. This why innovative blockchain startups in Germany can also be launched in the healthcare and education systems.
If we have convinced you on the future of blockchain in Germany, get in touch with us right now and start the procedure of setting up your own company. Starting with 2017, there is also the Blockchain Association that promotes opportunities among those interested in invest in this industry.

The perception of Germans over cryptocurrencies

Germans are attracted by technology, which is why 2.6% or 2.1 million of the country’s population owns cryptocurrencies. Furthermore:
  • - in 2019, more than 80% of the population has already heard about cryptocurrency;
  • - persons aged 18 to 24 own the largest share of cryptocurrencies, 18%;
  • - 67% of the people owning virtual money have annual income of more than EUR 800,000;
  • - 48% of them make purchases in cryptocurrencies.
For more information on blockchain startups in Germany and support in launching one, feel free to contact us.

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