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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Germany

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Germany is one of the countries who managed to integrate cryptocurrencies very fast. Moreover the German authorities have succeeded in developing regulations so that the new virtual currencies to be accommodated as quickly as possible by the national legislation. When an entrepreneur decides to open a company in Germany and to make it functional for cryptocurrency, he must comply with the special provisions adopted by the German government related to virtual coins and transactions. 

The cryptocurrency sector in Germany

With a strong encouragement from the government and with an adequate legal framework, the companies registered in Germany who perform bitcoin transactions can find in the German market a welcoming spot in which to develop and grow. The cryptocurrency transactions in this country which hold for at least a year, benefit from tax exemptions of 25% from the usual amount taxed for capital gains.  
Moreover Germany is also one of the main places in Europe where fintech companies flourish. These enterprises deal with producing innovative financial technology, which is then implemented on the cryptocurrency market
One of our specialists in company registration in Germany can offer you legal consulting and can help you become familiarized with the local legislation concerning cryptocurrency. 

First steps for opening a German cryptocurrency company

The set-up of a new company in Germany does not imply a complicated procedure. Apart from the usual registration with the Commercial Register – Handelsregistereintragung, an entrepreneur will have to invest as well in cryptocurrency instruments and the safety of his/her virtual transactions. The advantage of cryptocurrency is that it is decentralized which means it is not under the control of any bank or financial institution.
Due to the popularity on the social networks, cryptocurrency companies in Germany can also be more appealing to a wider public, and your products accessible world-wide. Feel free to contact one of our experts in company formation in Germany to speed up the procedure of setting up a cryptocurrency business in this country. 

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