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Open a Dental Clinic in Germany

Updated on Thursday 05th January 2023

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Open-a-Dental-Clinic-in-Germany.jpgDental clinics in Germany provide quality services, suited to the needs of the client. German dentists follow thorough treatment plans and will provide services to foreign clients, as most German dentists speak English and are able to conceive a treatment option that can be included in a dental tourism plan.
Investors can open a dental clinic in Germany by following the basic German company formation procedure.

Dental clinics in Germany

Practicing dentists in Germany provide a complete range of services to patients. The term dentist usually refers to a number of specialties and includes stemmatologists as well as dental or maxillofacial surgeons. Dentists have University studies in this fields and can practice based on a diploma and license. It is common for dental clinics to accept interns.
Health insurance in Germany will cover the basic dental procedures such as professional cleaning or some fillings. For more complex procedures, such as implants or crowns, patients will need to partially cover their costs. Adequate information and prices are provided individually by dental clinics throughout Germany.
Foreign dentists who wish to work at a dental clinic in Berlin or another city must obtain a license called an Approbation. An assessment is needed in order to determine if the qualifications comply with the German requirements. A foreign dentist needs to have a training that can be recognized or equated in another country.

Starting a dental clinic in Germany

Dentists in Germany can open their own practice by observing a few rules related to company formation. The GmbH or the limited liability company is s suitable type of business entity as it has a lower minimum capital than in the case of the joint stock and offers investor protection through reduced liability. 
Among the formalities needed to open a German company, we can mention: reserving a unique business name, opening a bank account, drafting the articles of association and notarizing them, registering the company with the Commercial Register.
You can contact us for complete details about company formation in Germany and an estimate of the business start-up costs and procedures. With sufficient planning, the procedure of  starting a company in Germany will go more quickly. Depending on the municipality, you may be able to register by mail or online. Learn everything there is to know about the paperwork you must submit and how to do so or simply rely on our company formation specialists who can handle the procedure on your behalf.

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