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Open a Fintech Company in Germany

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Fintech refers to financial technologies, that represent the newest trend in the global economy. The traditional financial services and methods are modernized and completed nowadays through the development and introduction of virtual assets, bitcoins and blockchains. In this highly specialized field, Germany occupies the fourth place in the world. This is why it is an inspired choice to open a fintech enterprise in this country, with the help provided by one of our experts in company formation in Germany.

Reasons to start a fintech company in Germany

Starting a company in Germany in this industry could prove to be a good move beacuse the German Finance Ministry actively supports start-ups in the domain of fintech, by organizing events and meetings between mutually interested parties. As such, banks and fintech companies  can develop together efficient strategies for the future development of digital financial services.
Not only Germany offers a vibrant fintech landscape where foreign investors can rapidly be acquainted with the latest trends, but also Germany provides a clear and well-structured Company Law. If you are thinking of starting a company in Germany in the fintech sector, you will have to register your company with the German Trade Register, by providing the name of your company and the articles of association. One of our specialists in company registration in Germany can assist you with the elaboration of the complete documentation so that you can focus on more important aspects in the organization of your fintech company.

Other aspects to consider when starting a company in Germany in the fintech industry

Since it is such a powerful fintech center, if you open a company in Germany in this sector you have many chances of obtaining funding from the local financial institutions. The German banks have a great interest to invest in fintech start-ups in order to encourage the development of new financial products that can be used in transactions.
Moreover, since we talk about a domain with a high level of specialization, Germany is a right place to open your fintech business. The workforce of the German state is educated and trained so that you won’t encounter difficulties in implementing your project in this country. 
Please feel free to contact our consultants in company formation in Germany in order to give you more details on the steps you need to take for opening a fintech enterprise in this country.

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