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Open a Landscaping Company in Germany

Updated on Wednesday 08th August 2018

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Open-a-Landscaping-Company-in-Germany.jpgLandscaping and maintenance companies offer a wide range of services, from the actual design of the space to the maintenance of the trees, shrubs, and flowers as well as the irrigation and drainage and lighting for the area.
Investors who wish to open a landscaping company in Germany can request the services offered by our German company formation agents.

Landscaping services in Germany

The following types of services can be offered by a landscaping company in Germany:
  • tree maintenance: felling or sectioning trees as needed as well as the clearance of the site; also includes the planting of trees, pruning, and small tree maintenance.
  • lawn and garden maintenance: complete services including lawn aeration, fertilization, planting as per the needs of the client.
  • irrigation: solutions for the proper irrigation of the garden or green area; a separate service may include the installation of lighting apart from that of the irrigation system.
  • landscape design: landscape designers and horticulturists can provide beautiful solutions for transforming a green space.
The team that offers landscaping services in Germany can be comprised of a set of experts who offer complete solutions to home or business owners. An advantage is that this business can extend its services to both the private and the public sector. 
In order to open a company in Germany, investors will need to comply with the current regulations for registering the business and for working in this business field.

Open a company in Germany

A landscaping business in Germany will need to employ or request the consulting services of specialists such as horticulturists, designers or urban planners for some projects. Starting a company of this type in Germany begins with choosing the suitable business form which in most cases is the GmbH or the limited liability company.
Company registration in Germany is a multi-step process and one of our agents can help investors follow through with all of the requirements.
Please contact us for more information and counseling on how to start a landscaping company.

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