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Open a Merchant Account in Germany

Updated on Friday 17th June 2022

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Open a Merchant Account in Germany

A merchant account is a bank account which allows companies as well as online shops to conduct their business activities in a safe way, this being the reason for which so many foreign investors in Germany choose to open one with the local banks. A merchant account in Germany can be established easily and the German banks offer advantageous charges for this operation. Our specialists in company formation in Germany can help you with the opening procedure for a merchant bank account

How to create a merchant bank account in Germany

The online market in Germany is in continuous development and the merchant bank accounts allow investors to develop their business by permitting them to process internet payments in an easier way. After starting a company in Germany, in order to profit of the advantages of a merchant bank account in Germany, you need to follow a certain procedure and to meet several criteria. 
First of all you need to open an application for a merchant account in Germany. You can call on the expertise of our consultants in company registration in Germany, in order to assist you during the procedure. Depending on the level of risk implied by your business, the fees required by the bank might be higher. 
If you open a company in Germany and you want to qualify for a merchant account it is important to gather all the documentation required by the bank of your choice in this country. The necessary papers include declarations over the type of business activities you conduct as well as a proof that you have a functional website through which you intend to deal with your customers. 

List of documents for opening a merchant account in the Germany?

Although the procedure of opening a merchant account is not complicated, there are still a few documents that you need to provide. Our specialists in company formation in Germany can help you obtain the documentation or elaborate it, so that you can profit of the advantages of this banking instrument for your business. The following list contains the most important documents required in the opening of a merchant account in Germany:
Declare the current business account or deposit;
Bring proofs of identification for owner and company identity;
Present the social security number or employer identification number;
Elaborate a statement concerning the business activities;
Provide tax returns and financial statements for business;
Show the website (for those businesses that have an online component);
Make prof of a safe and secure checkout system (for online business).
Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants in order to provide you assistance in the opening of a merchant account in Germany

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