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Open a Real Estate Agency in Germany

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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The German real estate sector is one of the most profitable domains in which to invest in this country. The sustained economic progress of the last 50 years has led Germany to the development of a highly specialized legal infrastructure which is able to sustain a dynamic and attractive real estate market for both local and foreign investors.

Setting up a company in Germany in this industry implies in the first instance following the standard incorporation procedure available in this jurisdiction. Our German specialists in company formation can help you through the process of company registration in this country, by explaining to you each step to take when opening a real estate agency.

What are the pros for opening a real estate agency in Germany?

The real estate market in Germany is very attractive for foreign investors thanks to the equalitarian regulations concerning ownership. Even if the sale of particular properties might require special authorizations, there are no restrictions whatsoever concerning the complete ownership over German properties for foreigners.
It is true that the real estate market requires most of the time big amounts of money as investment, however this business domain is one of the safest and profitable ones, on the long term. Our specialists in company formation in Germany are ready to answer your questions concerning the establishment of a real estate business in this country. They can also provide assistance in the process of opening any type of business in Germany.

What are the steps of opening a real estate agency in Germany?

When you decide starting a company in Germany, you need to consider many aspects concerning the structure of your enterprise and your objectives. You need to evaluate as well the market on which you want to enter. Our consultants reccomend to the owners of the real estate agencies to analyse in detail the residential area in which they intend to invest, so that they can obtain an accurate estimation of its true value. The selection of the properties is most of the time based on the following criteria: location, population density, infrastructure, facilities, etc. A due diligence service might be of great use if you want an in depth evaluation of the German properties.
Another important aspect when opening a business in Germany in the real estate domain is to find appropriate consultancy concerning taxation. As one of our consultants can tell you, there are many opportunities in Germany for tax incentives, for profits resulted out of residential investments. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists in company registration in Germany in order to prepare in the best conditions the launching of your real estate agency in this country. 

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