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Open a Retail Business in Germany

Updated on Monday 20th March 2023

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Open-a-Retail-Business-in-Germany.jpgForeign businessmen who are interested in setting up a retail business in Germany should know the rules and regulations imposed by the local legislation. It is advisable to invest in this business field due to the fact that the German market shows a positive growth value in this sense; our team of company formation specialists can provide an in-depth presentation on the retailing industry in Germany

Characteristics of the retailing industry in Germany

Investors who want to establish their business presence on the German market can invest here in the retailing industry, as an effect of positive financial results reported by the sector. The industry is characterized by low unemployment and it is important to know that the internet retailing is a growing industry, with positive prospects for the following years. 
Internet sales were very well represented in 2015 by mobile internet retailing; at the same time, the classical type of retailing becomes less appealing in Germany, due to the local interest for online shopping. 
Amongst the retailing industries, there has been a faster growth for non-grocery retailers, a situation also encountered in 2014; our team of German company formation agents can offer more details on the most representatives retailing sectors


Register a retail company in Germany 

When opening a retail business it is advisable to receive assistance on the business opportunities available on the market, the most recommended channel to promote retail sales (which, at the moment, is represented by the internet retail) and many others. However, the incorporation process is established in accordance with the general incorporation process, available for any other type of company. 
The businessmen will have to propose a trading name at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, a procedure which can be completed in less than a day. 
At a public notary, the investor will have to notarize the statutory documents of the company, established in accordance with the legal entity chosen by the businessman. It is also necessary to open a corporate bank account, in which is necessary to deposit the minimum share capital; the capital is prescribed in accordance with the legal entity under which the company was registered. 
The investor will have to register with the local authorities for tax purposes, obtain a Value Added Tax (VAT) number and establish a business address.
Investors who need more information on the retail businesses in Germany are invited to contact our team of German company formation consultants for assistance. Choosing a business form and name, appointing key officers, and drafting the incorporation documents are the main steps in starting a company in Germany. There is a specific order concerning how these steps must be completed, which is why if you need support in launching a business, you can address our specialists who can help you.

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