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Open a Security Agency in Germany

Updated on Wednesday 18th July 2018

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Open-a-Security-Agency-in-Germany.jpgInvestors who wish to open a security agency in Germany have to comply with the ongoing requirements for licensing as well as the general rules for company formation.
These types of companies can provide a number of services from general surveillance and security officers to security equipment installation and maintenance as well as other, selected services. 
Our German company formation agents can help you start a company that offers security services.

Security services in Germany

A security agency in Germany will offer a wide range of services aimed at personal protection as well as those dedicated to corporate clients. The list below describes several examples of such services:
  • Personal protection and VIP protection: services tailored to the needs of individuals who need trained professionals that can ensure their safety in certain conditions or for certain events;
  • Property protection: a team of agents aided by a modern security system will ensure the protection of the chosen premises; suitable for private company protection;
  • Secure transport: services aimed at delivering valuable items such as artworks, valuable goods, cash or jewelry;
  • Security systems: a separate type of service that includes the installation and maintenance of alarm systems, surveillance cameras, access control.
The private security sector in Germany is regulated and companies in this business field need to obtain special licenses. Individuals who act as security guards must also possess a license, issued after they have completed an instruction and training course.
Our German company formation agents can give you more information about the conditions for licensing for these types of companies.

Company formation in Germany

When opening a security agency, the company founders will need to start by choosing a business form, selecting an available company name and opening a bank account. 
The GmbH is a popular business form among investors because of the fact that is has a lower capital than the AG (only 25,000 EUR) and the founders are only liable to the amount of invested capital. There are no restrictions on the number of founders or their nationality, which makes this business form suitable for foreign investors.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about company registration in Germany and about different business fields.

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