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Open a Software Company in Germany

Updated on Thursday 05th January 2023

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In Germany exist now a huge variety of software services provided by numerous companies, a fact which contributes to the dynamicity of this industry. Moreover, the German economy continues to encourage the IT sector, for it is one of the most profitable in this country. If you intend to open a software company in Germany you will find a welcoming climate and it is likely that your services will become popular also across the borders to this country. Our company formation experts in Germany are ready to offer to entrepreneurs key information on the steps they need to perform in order to register a company in this country. 

Why open a software company in Germany

The IT companies in Germany vary a lot from online businesses to large business structures. According to your business plan you will find in this country a flexible legal framework in which to implement your strategy. One of our specialists in company formation in Germany can help you choose a legal form for your IT company, adequate to the objectives stated in the articles of association of your enterprise. 
Regardless whether you want to develop software or to involve more in research and data analysis, you can profit from the transparent employment regulations implemented in this country. The vibrant IT sector in Germany will be as well a motivating and stimulating climate for the set-up of a new business in this area.
Starting a company in Germany  is now possible through a small business license. Small business owners receive the full advantage of various allowances, but they are still required to register their businesses. A small trade license can be obtained by a proprietor of a small enterprise. Get the help of our agents when applying for this business permit.

More tips regarding the opening of a software company in Germany?

The software companies will easily find in Germany clients for their products. Some of the newest industry fields require specialised programs in order to keep their technology updated. As such, aerospace, and biomedicine can be only two of the many examples which can be given. 
You don’t need to cover all areas of IT services through your company. Through an IT company in Germany you can choose from a wide variety of services such as:
software design;
assistance and maintenance of the programs sold;
web development;
research and development activities;
data analysis;
testing activities.
You are welcome to contact one of our experts in company registration in Germany in order to ask more information on the company formation process in this country. 

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