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Open a Textile Manufacturing Business in Germany

Updated on Thursday 05th April 2018

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Open-a-Textile-Manufacturing-Business-in-Germany.jpgThe textile industry is among the leading manufacturing industries in Germany. It has a longstanding tradition and over the decades it has proven to stand the test of time through innovation and adaptability. This business sector includes mostly small or medium-sized companies, most of which are focused on delivering quality rather than quantity.
Investors who open a textile manufacturing business in Germany will need to follow clear guidelines on labeling and import. our team of experts can help investors open a company in Germany that activates in the textile industry.

The textile industry in Germany

The German clothing market is versatile, with producers spread evenly throughout several sub-sectors including women’s clothing, casual wear, knitwear, sportswear and designer clothing. This business sector also plays a significant part in the overall import/export, with main trading partners including China, Turkey or the United States.
Germany imposes clear standards on quality and labeling. This is why investors in the textile industry must comply with a series of rules and regulations. For example, labeling for these types of products falls under the provisions of the German Law of Labeling. All textiles need to be properly labeled, with information about the material composition and care plus washing instructions. Moreover, for investors who import textiles, there are special regulations in place concerning the certificate of origin for the received goods.
Our German company formation agents can give you more information about the regulations applicable to the textile industry and other market-specific details.

How to open a German company

The first step after coming up with a suitable business plan for the chosen industry is to select a business structure. The German equivalent of the limited liability company is the preferred business choice and investors who wish to open this type of legal entity will need to prepare the company’s constitutive documents. One of our agents who specialize in company registration in Germany can help you during this step.
You can contact us for more detailed information about how to open a company in Germany or if you have any questions about the requirements for businesses in a particular industry.

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