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Opening a Business in Munich

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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The process for setting up a business in Munich implies several steps beginning with the registration procedure and ending with obtaining the authorization of functioning. An investor will have to file a series of documents to the relevant authorities. Our specialists in company formation in Germany can assist you with the elaboration of the required documentation for business formation in Munich


The procedure of opening a business in Munich, Germany

In total the process of setting up a company in Germany does not take longer than two weeks. One of the first steps of the incorporation is the reservation of a name for your company and the choice of the legal structure in which your business is going to be organized. 
One of the most frequent business form chosen by the foreign investors is the German limited liability company GmbH, a legal structure which can function with only one shareholder and with a minimum capital of 25.000 euros. There are also other legal structures options for those interested in setting up a company in Germany. For example, you can choose to open a German joint stock company, which requires a larger initial capital (50.000 euros) offering you the possibility to be listed on the stock exchange market. 
The procedure of company formation in Germany is very clear and transparent and a functional business in Munich provides quite a lot of advantages. According to the German law, there are no withholding taxes on dividends or on liquidation distributions. Moreover the VAT is of only 19% which compared to other top European nations is a low rate. 
At any step of the opening of your business in Munich you can call on the support of experts in company formation in Germany.

Additional actions required by business formation procedure in Munich

Another central aspect that should not be overlooked by the foreign investors in Germany is the employment regulations of this country. The new business will have to go through a registration procedure with the professional association and labor office. 
In terms of employment, Munich is a good environment for an investor, thanks to its varied and flexible workforce, available in any domain of activity. 
The formation of new business entities is encouraged by the German state policy through governmental programs which grant rights protection for investors, as well as through the maintenance of an encouraging tax climate. 
Whether you need professional support with the elaboration of employment contracts or more information regarding the work regulations of the German legislation feel free to contact our agents specialized in company formation in Germany

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