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Opening a Daycare Center for Children in Germany

Updated on Thursday 19th July 2018

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Opening-a-Daycare-Center-for-Children-in-Germany.jpgChildcare in Germany is supported by the state and includes both centers for small children and the kindergartens for older ones. All children have a guaranteed place in a daycare facility and this opportunity is one that allows them to have access to learning opportunities, socialization, and an overall beneficial development.
Opening a private daycare center for children in Germany is possible in all major German cities and one of our German company formation agents can assist you throughout the initial company formation stages and later on for proper licensing.

How to start a daycare center in Germany

Daycare facilities offer yearly services for children, typically between one and three years of age. Childcare in Germany can be very well categorized according to age. The list below offers some ideas for age groups when starting a daycare center:
  • Nursery: for very small children in general, mostly toddlers, this is a preferred type of daycare for parents who do not have other options in terms of childcare at this age;
  • Daycare: generally, for children who are too old to be included in a nursery group but are still pre-kindergarten, typically between one and three years of age.
  • Kindergarten: for children of up to six years, when compulsory schooling starts in Germany, attending kindergarten is voluntary.
  • Company-sponsored childcare: these daycare centers function within large companies in Germany and are designed for the children of the employees

Conditions for opening a company in Germany

Starting a private daycare in Germany will involve a few steps and will require proper licensing. Companies can obtain the necessary permits and licenses from the regional authorities or at a municipality level. The process can depend depending on the Länder (federal state) in which the daycare facility is opened. One of our agents who specialize in company registration in Germany can give you more details about licensing and monitoring for these types of establishments.
Daycare centers for children in Germany need to comply with the requirements for offering a safe environment for the children and also the learning and development opportunities they need.
For more information on how to open a German company that offers these types of services, please contact our experts.

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