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Set Up a HORECA Company in Germany

Updated on Wednesday 02nd May 2018

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Set-Up-a-HORECA-Company-in-Germany.jpgA HORECA company is a business that activates in the foodservice industry. It includes all companies that offer hotel, restaurant or café services or a combination thereof. The food and hospitality industry is a developed one and investors who set up a HORECA company in Germany can access a market that presents numerous business opportunities. 
Our team of German company formation agents can give you complete details about the industry-specific requirements and can assist you throughout the company formation procedure.

Types of HORECA activities

HORECA is the acronym for hotel, restaurants, and café and it includes all businesses that can be included in these categories. Germany’s food and beverage industry, as well as the country’s hospitality sector, are very well developed and generate important revenue. This business sector is largely represented by small and medium-sized companies. 
Our agents who specialize in company formation in Germany present a few of the HORECA-specific activities that can present business opportunities for investors in Germany:
  • hotel: opening a hotel in a city that hosts top-rated tourist attractions can be an option when entering the HORECA business; the establishment will need to comply with the relevant rules and regulations in the industry as well as with construction and safety requirements;
  • bed & breakfast: entrepreneurs can enter the hospitality sector by opening a bed & breakfast establishment and not necessarily a large hotel; one advantage is the lower start-up costs.
  • restaurant: another key component of the industry a restaurant in Germany can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially is based near tourist attractions or in a large city.
  • café: opening a café or bar in Germany will imply much of the same steps as opening a restaurant, up to a certain point; if the establishment serves only drinks, investors will be required to obtain only certain types of special permits and licenses.

Starting a HORECA company in Germany

The GmbH is a preferred business form for opening a business in Germany. Another option for the HORECA industry is franchising or acquiring an already existing business model. This means of expansion presents certain advantages and one of our German company formation agents can help you with more information.
We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about how to open a Germany company and the specific requirements for investments in the HORECA sector.

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