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Set up a Plumbing Firm in Germany

Updated on Monday 21st January 2019

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Set up a Plumbing Firm in Germany

In Germany the vocational learning system is aware of the need of specialized professionals in every domain of life. A plumbing enterprise in Germany is easy to establish but you will need to make proof of skill and experience in this domain, as well as to obtain specific licenses to operate your business in this country.

Our specialists in company formation in Germany can give you the most relevant information on the steps of opening a plumbing firm in Germany.

How to register a plumbing firm in Germany

The registration procedure for a new company in Germany must go through the Trade Register in this country. Our consultants in company registration in Germany can give you all the details concerning the documentation required by the authorities. Apart from those papers which specify the ID of the founder, you will need to provide as well proof of expertise in the domain of plumbing
Another important element of the registration process is to decide on the legal structure of your plumbing business. If you intend to be the only owner of the company and your activity to be one and the same with the business entity, you should open a sole proprietorship, (Einzelunternehmen). The Company Law in Germany allows as well other legal forms in which you can structure you plumbing firm in Germany, such as limited laibility companies or joint stock companies.

Plumbing licenses in Germany

The plumbing schools in Germany provide certifications which can be used in the obtaining of a plumbing license in this country. A foreign investor who intends to open a plumbing enterprise in Germany can try to equalize their plumber certificate with a local one or he can start an apprenticeship or a licensing program provided for plumbing contractors
Another important element in the opening of a plumbing firm in Germany is to make sure that you purchase and utilize professional and high quality equipment. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our experts in company formation in Germany for a more detailed presentation of the professional qualifications required by this country from investors in a plumbing business.

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