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Setting up a Financial Company in Germany

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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A financial company deals with the administration of the financial resources provided by their clients. These companies offer to investors returns on short and long term and contribute significantly to the development of the local economy. Our experts in company registration in Germany can help you in the company formation procedure with elaborating the documents required for registration and with specialized legal counselling. 

Types of financial companies in Germany

Those who decided on opening a business in Germany might be interested to know what types of financial companies can be opted for. There are several versions depending on the type of services provided to the clients, for example insurance, stockbroking, general banking or private banking. Each type of financial company tries to respond to their clients’ wishes to invest or to save money by providing a professional management of assets.
 The main types of financial companies that you can form in Germany are:
  • Insurance and Fund Management Companies providing general insurance services or specialized services such as life insurance companies;
  • Investment Banks, intermediating transactions of stocks or exchange of securities;
  • Private Equity Firms dealing with investing the money of their clients in other firms;
  • Hedge Funds which apply different strategies to maximize wealth;
  • Deposit Type Firms such as commercial banks or saving associations;
  • Non-Banking Companies such as Mutual Fund Corporations.
Our consultants in German company formation can offer complete information on the types of financial companies in this country and the legal requirements for their establishment.   

Registration procedure for starting a financial company in Germany

The main law regulating the formation of financial companies in Germany is the Commercial Law which provides the legal framework for the registration and functioning of the legal entities. 

If you intend to open a financial company in Germany you need to start an application at the German Trade Register. Foreign investors should make as well a name reservation for their company and gather all the necessary documents for registration. Afterwards you need to decide on the type of legal structure that suits best the activity and size of your company. 
You can rely on our specialists for more information regarding the procedure of starting a company in Germany. If you decide to open a financial company in Germany you can contact our consultants for assistance with the company incorporation procedure.

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