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Start a Car Repair Business in Germany

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Start a Car Repair Business in Germany

The auto industry is one of the most profitable places for setting up a company in Germany. A car repair business requires as well certifications proving the skill and competence of the staff. You can address your questions to one of our consultants in company formation in Germany if you want to know how you can register a company in this country.

Important aspects for opening a car repair business in Germany

In Germany, the auto service domain receives yearly up to 26 billion Euros, in a highly competitive market. If you want to open a car repair business in Germany you shouldn’t neglect as well the online and marketing, since these two segments are vital to keep you connected to your customers. 
Another important aspect when setting up a car repair business in Germany is to employ talented and trained workforce. You need to be familiar with the Employment Law in this country in order to implement its provisions in the activity of your service enterprise. 
Our specialists in company formation in Germany can give you all the details on the employment in this country and can help you establish your car repair business in Germany.

Basic steps of registering a car repair business in Germany

If you open a company in Germany you will have to register it with the local Trade Register. Firstly you must choose a name for your car repair business, so that your customers can easily identify you on the market. 
From all the legal forms provided by the Commercial Code in Germany you must choose the most suitable one in which to organize your car repair business. You may want to have a sole proprietorship, which is defined by the fact that the business and the owner are considered one and the same legal entity. Another option might be a limited liability company (GmbH) for which you will need to deposit a minimum share capital of 25.000 Euros. Depending on the size of your business you can decide what legal structure is more appropriate for your enterprise. 
Feel free to contact our specialists in company formation in Germany in order to explain to you what documents you need to provide, on the application procedure, for the registration of your car repair business.

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