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Start a Company in the FMCG Sector in Germany

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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When considering to start a FMCG company in Germany investors should take some time to inform themselves on the local policies such as those concerning consumption, transportation and company formation. Our specialists in company registration in Germany can help you organize your application with the Business Register and to orient your attention towards the key aspects connected to the establishment of a FMCG enterprise

What are the particularities of a company in the FMCG sector in Germany?

As many foreign investors who decide to extend their businesses in this country, you might not be familiar with the Fast-moving consumer goods sector. 
The FMCG has its own special characteristics which must dictate as well the configuration of your investment. Since the products sold in a FMCG company are not durable, a company who wants to be successful on the German market must invest a lot in packaging as well as logistics in order to make sure that the losses are minimal. So one of the key aspects concerning FMCG is efficiency. 
Another important aspect for the FMCG sector in Germany is the low profit margin for each product. Therefore in order to cover investments you will have to work with big quantities of merchandise.

One of our experts in company formation in Germany can definitely help you start this type of business in Germany.

How difficult it is to start a FMCG company in Germany

The most important advantage of FMCG businesses is their wide addressability. You can start a consumer packaged goods business in any region of Germany. Even in the bigger cities your business might benefit from a bigger demand from the public, you will have to be more careful to the competition.
The registration of a company in Germany is simple, following a clear and efficient procedure. One of our experts can help you elaborate the articles of association for your business, they can help you open a bank account for your initial investment and thus speed up the whole process. Some identity data concerning the owner and the people in the board might be also required from the authorities. 
Feel free to contact our German company formation firm in order to prepare yourself for the opening of a FMCG company in Germany

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