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Start a Franchise Business in Germany

Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018

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Germany is a very successful market for franchise businesses. With almost 1000 franchise systems and 120,000 franchise partners who employ over 700,000 workers, Germany reaches annually  over 100 billion euros sales in the franchise sector. If you want to start a franchise in Germany you can ask for assistance from one of our German experts in company formation who can help you with the elaboration of the specific agreement.

How to become a franchisor in Germany

If you have created a German company with products which have become very popular, or with a very efficient sale strategy, you may consider selling the usage rights to other entities in the world. Foreign firms as well as local ones may buy from you the successful business format, and implement it in various other regions.
Through a franchise agreement you can clarify how much of the concept needs to be maintained and what space you leave for innovation. The contract is also a way to defend your intellectual property rights and to protect your brand. The same agreement must specify as well the amount which is due to the franchisor, by the businesses who employ the original business concepts in another location.
Our experts in company formation in Germany can give you advice concerning what should be included in a franchise agreement and can help you register the right legal structure for your franchise business.

How to become a franchisee in Germany

As a franchisee in Germany you practically invest in an already functional business model based on the provisions of a franchise contract. The advantages in buying franchise rights are that you use a strategy which is already tested and successful, and a name which might be already familiar to many of your customers. 
As an owner of a franchise, you will have to manage by yourself your business, even if you take from the franchisor the brand, concept, image and business strategy. The financial operations are performed locally by your franchise in Germany, as well as all aspects regarding employment. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists in company registration in Germany in order to explain to you what is implied by a franchise contract and what are your rights and obligations if you start a franchise business in Germany.

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