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Starting a Media Company in Germany

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Media companies cover a wide range of services related to communication environments such as written or video materials in physical form or on internet. It is a profitable industry and in continuous demand in Germany as well as at an international level. Starting a media company in Germany does not imply a complicated registration procedure all the more so as our consultants in company formation in Germany can assist you with the application process. 

Several options of starting a media company in Germany

As a foreign investor intending to open a media company in Germany you might have questions about the legal framework regulating media services in this country. The main law which deals with media is the 2016 consolidated version of the Staatsvertrag für Rundfunk und Telemedien (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag - RStV) from 31.08.1991. This law contains regulations regarding various aspects of media among which you may find the insertion of advertising, teleshopping, protection of the consumer and other relevant topics. Other aspects regarding the process of setting up a company in Germany can be found in the Company Act
If you decided on starting a media company in Germany then you have a wide variety of services that you can offer to your clients. You can provide:
  • Media services such as planning and buying, which deal with elaborating strategies, negotiating, and purchasing ad placements;
  • Media services which intermediate the delivery of several types of media on any devices in different locations;
  • Services related to broadcasting and narrowcasting medium such as magazines, TV, newspapers, radio and internet.
Regardless of the type of services that you intend to provide when establishing a media company in Germany you can rely on our experts in company formation in Germany for further information and support. 

Registration of a media company in Germany

The opening of a business in Germany requires a clear and fast registration procedure which implies the choice of a legal form for your company. When establishing a media company in Germany you can choose from various types of structures. If you have a minimum capital of 25.000 Euros you can open a German company under the form of GesellschaftmitbeschränkterHaftung (GmbH), which refers to a limited liability company. Other legal structures, such as a partnership, may be more suitable for the objectives that you have when opening a media company in Germany.
The key step in setting up a company in Germany is to file an application to the Trade Register Office. Our specialists in company formation in Germany are ready to help you elaborate the paperwork and to complete as soon as possible the application process. 
Feel free to contact our consultants for assistance in the establishing of a media company in Germany

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