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Why Invest in the German Engineering Industry?

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Why-invest-in-German-engineering-industryThe machinery and equipment industry in Germany

The machinery and equipment sector is one of the most developed branches of the German engineering industry which has transformed the country into Europe’s “technological engine”. In 2014 alone, this part of the engineering segment brought roughly 200 billion euros to the economy. The main reason this industry is so important for the country’s economy is that it combines future technologies, such as electronics, robotics and software. It is a known fact that Germany’s top exports are vehicles, and this is where these combined technologies apply best. Germany is now considered “the world’s leading supplier of machinery”.

Engineering appliance in other branches of the German economy

The German engineering industry plays, perhaps, the leading role in the development of the country’s economy as it is present in all other sectors. Among the industries it applies best are:

  • -          the electronics sector which in one of the fastest growing in the world;
  • -          the food and beverages industry which due to the technological developments requires automation;
  • -          the automotive industry.

These industries are also the ones employing most the German specialized workforce.

The Government supports the German engineering industry

One of the best reasons to invest in the engineering sector in Germany is because the Government has drafted a plan through which this industry will receive funding through the High-Tech Strategy 2020 Action Plan. The scheme is meant to transform the country into a global leader of innovation through internet-based technologies. The Government will aid companies in all industries employing high-tech engineering solutions.

Our specialists in company registration in Germany can provide you with information about current investment opportunities in the engineering industry.

What are the most sought sectors of the German engineering industry?

Among the most popular branches of the engineering industry in Germany at the moment are:

  • -          mechanical;
  • -          electrical;
  • -          civil;
  • -          process;
  • -          aviation;
  • -          transportation;
  • -          nanotechnology;
  • -          research and development.

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