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Why Invest in the German Tourism Sector?

Updated on Monday 20th February 2023

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Why-Invest-in-the-German-Tourism-Sector.jpgOne of the most visited countries in the world

Germany is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. A country with a rich history, it attracts foreigners with its castles, cities, food and historic sites. The country offers a wide range of experiences to the tourist as well as plenty of cultural and entertainment options.
Foreign investors who want to open a travel company or invest in the German tourism sector can base their business on the country’s attractiveness. Germany is an important destination for foreign direct investment and tourism is a sector that flourishes all year round.

The potential of the tourism sector

Domestic and international travel and tourism in Germany represent an important percentage of the GDP. The tourism industry not only produces important revenue but there are also opportunities for employment in tourism.
Bavaria is one of the German states with the most visitors. Other popular destinations include Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, the Black Forest region, the Rhine Valley or the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region.
Tourist operators in Germany can provide a wide range of packages to tourists in all major German cities and the surrounding areas. The Bavarian Alps and the cities along the Baltic Sea coast make the country a worthy tourist stop all year round. Germany is also well-known as a destination for health or medicinal tourism. On average, the largest number of foreign visitors in Germany come from the Netherlands, Switzerland or the United States.
Foreign travel companies that want to establish their presence on the German market can open a branch or a subsidiary. 
If you plan on opening a business in Germany, you can rely on our local agents. You can grant us  power of attorney with which we can handle most of the procedures with the Companies Register. Contact our specialists in company formation for any information you might need about launching a business in this country.

The easiness of starting a company in Germany 

Germany is one of the most important countries in the European Union and one of the most valuable destinations for foreign investors. The country has good infrastructure and transportation system and it is technologically advanced.
Investors who want to open a tourism business will find that the German workforce is highly educated and qualified. The country has a very favourable foreign investment policy and does not differentiate between local and foreign entrepreneurs.
Investors who want to start a business in the tourism sector can take advantage of the country’s geographical position in Europe. There are several types of companies available for incorporation, suited for small and larger businesses as well as for those who want to have their individual business as a travel consultant.
You can contact our company registration experts in Germany if you want to know more about the travel industry in the country and how to start a company in Germany.

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